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Off-roading in North Wales and Snowboarding in Hemel

Going for another stint at dirtbiking in North Wales with Mick Extance in May. Should be heaps of fun again and looking forward to it. Last time it was pretty wet as you can see in the vid, massive puddles / small floods, rain, 60mph winds etc. Hopefully this time the ground is still wet, but there is sun... Should give us a decent amount of grip without the miserable weather!

In the mean time I'm going to hit the fake slopes in Hemel to see whether I prefer skiing or snowboarding. Ski'd in the past, wasn't too bad at it either, building up my skillset with some snowboarding then hoping to take it to the mountains in Europe.

Counting the days :)

Looking forward to April!

With April fast approaching, my mood is fast uplifting. With Scuba Diving, Skydiving, Snowboarding, Dirtbiking all on the horizon, as well as going for a ride around Iceland for some nice photography and video sessions, I'm excited!


Can't wait, bring it on!



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